Traffic Violations

The Tempe law firm of Kielsky Rike pllc defends clients against all types of traffic violations.  From our Tempe-based office, we represent clients in traffic violations cases all over the state.  We handle a variety of traffic violations, ranging from civil matters like making an improper U-turn or speeding, to  misdemeanors like driving on a suspended license, excessive speed (also known as criminal speed), or reckless driving, to DUIs which can carry some serious consequences.  Over the years we have handled hundreds of traffic violations cases for for clients.  Odds are that if  it is a violation you can commit in your vehicle, we have experience defending against it.  If you have been issued a traffic ticket, give us a call to see how we can help.

We often hear from our clients how harsh Arizona’s traffic laws are in comparison to other states.  Many of our clients are from out of state and received a traffic violation ticket in Arizona while here for a vacation or business conference.  Not only can we help defend against the ticket, but we can typically save our out of state clients a trip back to Arizona by dealing with the traffic ticket for them.  We also frequently represent clients who are not U.S. citizens and who are here in Arizona on a work or student visa.  A criminal conviction, even for a traffic violation, could potentially impact a person’s immigration status.

Common Traffic Violations:Tempe Traffic Violations Attorneys

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